Dear colleagues,

Accept our most sincere congratulations on the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory!

This day is special for every man in our country. The greatness of the Victory and the anguish of bereavement have affected every household. Wartime red banners, brown-and-black Georgian ribbons and carnations have become constant symbols of the Victory. But these are not just symbols, these are a tribute to those who are not with us, but those who remain in the memory and heart of everyone.

An enormous price was paid by the veterans for the Victory. But we keep their military glory in memory. Thanks to them, our heroes, who gave all their efforts for the Victory, we make plans for the future and can be sure about what is going to happen tomorrow. The respect of the older generation for the fate of our Homeland must become a bright example of patriotism and force of the people’s faith for all of us.

With all my heart I wish you and your closed ones strong health, peaceful skies above your heads and an inexhaustible belief in the bright future of our country!
A.V. Semakov
Director General 

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